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Feb 13, 2003 (Japan)
Mar 10, 2003 (America)
Sep 26, 2003 (Europe)
Jan 15, 2004 (Japan)

PlayStation 2 (1-2P)
PlayStation 3 (1-2P) (2012)
Xbox 360 (1-2P) (2012)

PlayStation Vita (TBA)

Zone of the Enders (prequel)
ZOE: 2167 Idolo (anime prequel)
ZOE: Dolores,i (anime side story)

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Orbital Frame Ardjet

Orbital Frame Ardjet: Feminine in appearance and armed with the subweapon WISP and a destructive laser cannon, Ardjet is Ken Marinaris' mech of choice. Using Ardjet, Ken attempts to capture Jehuty...

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Having undergone some major upgrades in regards to power, speed, and agility, Jehuty's abilities exceed that of what they were in the previous game. In The 2nd Runner, players will become one with Jehuty, mastering control of the frame and turning the tide on BAHRAM.

Jehuty follows the left analog stick operations. Press the triangle button to ascend. Press the X button to descend. Press the R2 button while moving to dash. Holding down the R2 button keeps you dashing. This is very effective to move quickly, or dodge enemy attacks.


When the enemy is at long distance range, the lock-on marker turns green. It turns red when the enemy is at close range. When the target is distant, press the square button, which will fire a shot. In a close range battle, you will initiate a slashing attack by pressing the square button.


Press the square button while DASHing to perform a DASH attack. At close range, Jehuty uses the blade. From a distance, you can lock-on to multiple enemies with square, and fire homing lasers by releasing it. The longer the square button is held, the more enemies you can lock-on to. Destroy multiple enemies at once to restore sub-gauge energy.


When Jehuty is not moving, press R2 to change to BURST mode, allowing you to BURST attack with square. A close range BURST attack uses blade, and a long distance BURST attack uses shot. Holding down square charges power for a BURST shot. BURST attacks are very powerful and can penetrate an enemy's guard. A BURST shot consumes sub-gauge power.


By pressing the R1 button, Jehuty takes a guard position and can block enemy attacks. But not all attacks can be blocked. You cannot guard yourself from enemy burst attacks or grab attacks.


When Jehuty gets close enough to an enemy, Jehuty locks on automatically. If there are multiple enemies, you can select an enemy to lock on to by pressing the L2 button. You can switch between locked targets by using the right analog stick. You can deselect a target by holding down the L2 button.


When an enemy gets close to Jehuty, the Ring Radar appears. It turns green when the enemy is far away, and orange as it approaches. The size of the Ring Radar represents the distance from the enemy. When an attack from outside the screen approaches Jehuty, it turns red. The marker shows the direction and distance of the incoming attack.


At close range, you can perform a Combo Smash with Jehuty's blade by pressing square three times consecutively. If the 4th press is the square button, you will slash and push back the enemy. If it's triangle, you will slash and toss up the enemy. If it's X, you will slash and throw down the enemy. Pushing an enemy into the environment causes additional damage.


If you are not locked on, Jehuty will move in the direction of the left analog stick. If you release the left analog stick, the camera will capture Jehuty from behind. You can also change the camera angle with the right analog stick. When aiming at a certain spot to attack, you can move the target marker with the right analog stick.


Jehuty can grab and use nearby objects by pressing the circle button. When Jehuty is grabbing an object, press the square button for a powerful close range attack with the object. When Jehuty is holding an object, press the circle button again to throw it. Jehuty can guard itself with some objects from normally unguardable attacks with the R1 button.


By pressing circle near an enemy, Jehuty can grab it. When holding an enemy, press square to swing it as a weapon. Press circle again to throw it, or R1 to guard with it. Guarding with a held enemy can block attacks that are normally unguardable. If you hold an enemy for too long, it can shake your hold off. You can paralyze an escaping enemy by Bursting.


Jehuty's experience level will increase as enemies are defeated in battle. Increasing Jehuty's experience level improves Jehuty's stats -- max health and max subenergy, as well as attack and defense stats all increase. Through enough leveling, it is actually possible to make Normal Jehuty as powerful as Naked Jehuty (one or two hit kills and such).

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