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Latest News
The promotional site for the announcement of ZOE2 VR has officially opened.
Added 10.09.2017 [View story]
Zone of the Enders rises from the ashes, apparently stepping into the world of virtual reality through PlayStation VR.
Added 09.19.2017 [View story]
Kojima Productions isn't quite finished with ZOE HD Edition just yet, according to Hideo Kojima's podcast.
Added 05.03.2013 [View story]
News of a release date for the HD remastered Zone of the Enders reaches the surface.
Added 11.01.2012 [View story]
KONAMI has made the animated Sunrise ZOE HD OP available online as well as a very brief interview with Hideo Kojima. Watch them online or download both now!
Added 06.01.2012 [View story]

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Zone of the Enders HD Edition / HD Collection
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