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Zone of the Enders: The Unofficial Site started out as an idea by elektr1k, a forum regular at Metal Gear Solid: The Unofficial Site. started in 2005 as a personal web space, and then ZOE:TUS, a small site focused on the underrated Konami game series -- Zone of the Enders -- launched February 6th, 2006. After playing both ZOE1 and ZOE2, the question had to be asked: How the hell is there not a detailed, comprehensive ZOE site for fans to visit? Why should ZOE have to only have two or three old, abandoned built-in-a-day fansites the owners lost interest in not even a year after the release of ZOE2?

Hoping to both provide content for Zone of the Enders fans as well as establish a fansite for Metal Gear Solid's "shadow" as a sister site to the original MGS:TUS, Zone of the Enders: The Unofficial Site was born. Now as the original MGS:TUS slips into the hands of different people, ZOE:TUS stands on its own a recognized Zone of the Enders hotspot on the internet.

As ZOE:TUS continues to be updated with new content, the community grows (and hopefully the ZOE fanbase), and new partnerships are established, the revival of the lost, overdue ZOE media site draws ever closer.


elektr1k [contact] ZOE:TUS Design, Concept, Planning, Content

A Metal Gear Solid fan since the PlayStation release in 1998 and a Zone of the Enders fan since first playing ZOE1 and ZOE2 late 2005. A forum regular on first The Snake Soup, and then MGS:TUS, elektr1k is still in the basics of learning and applying web design techniques. Unaccepting of the lack of a comprehensive online media source for ZOE, work on the concept of Zone of the Enders: The Unofficial Site began.

Walleye [contact] Support, Lead Contributor

Creator of hosted site "METAL GEAR COLLECTION", Walleye is a new staff member. He has contributed a considerable amount of ZOE:TUS content, mainly the information used for the character bios, mech bios, plot, system, and staff sections of the ZOE anime and game pages on the site.

ZOE:TUS would like to give a very special thanks to all ZOE:TUS supporters, ZOE fans, and of course, to the team behind the awesome Zone of the Enders games.

Special Thanks and notable contributors to ZOE:TUS (in no particular order):
Walleye - Providing various character and mech bios, plot, system, staff information Caldera - ZOE1, ZOE2, 2173 Testament, and 2167 Idolo reviews
Nitroid - Creating AUMAAN: Zone of the Enders, inspiration, and supporting ZOE:TUS every step of the way Otacon/Pavel - Inspiration, founding MGS:TUS, supporting and promoting ZOE:TUS
Aero - Recommending the ZOE games and supporting ZOE:TUS DesertEase - Various enemy mech bios, subweapon descriptions
finalfantasy7 - Design pointers, supporting and following up on ZOE:TUS' development Gouda Jouji - ZOE2 PSP wallpapers
Davon Roberts - Introducing ZOE to a Metal Gear fan and promoting the series Kite_DH - Large contribution of ZOE: Dolores,i screenshots
Love of Hate - Large contribution of ZOE: 2173 Testament screenshots Osiris/Marc - Translation of ANUBIS Premium Package interview with Hideo Kojima

Thank you, everyone who has continued to give their support over the years, and thank you, Kojima Productions, for making such an awesome game!




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