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Year Run:
Apr 7 2001 to
Sep 29 2001

DVD (TV series)

ZOE: 2167 Idolo (anime prequel)
Zone of the Enders (game side story)
ZOE: The 2nd Runner (game side story)

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Orbital Frame Dolores

Orbital Frame Isis: A mysterious Orbital Frame sent to James Lynx with an unusual aura surrounding it...

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The 26-episode TV series, Zone of the Enders: Dolores,i is the second anime work of the Zone of the Enders video game series. Like 2173 Testament / Fist of Mars, Dolores,i takes place in the same universe as Zone of the Enders and features a new story with original characters.

Z.O.E: Dolores,i adds a comical and adventurous theme to the world of Zone of the Enders, depicting the events that occur as the origin of a strange Orbital Frame are discovered.


"This is one of the most entertaining mecha shows I have viewed in a while. While on first glance I was worried that it would just be another Gundam clone (colonial wars, mecha made out of mysterious alloys, civilians roped into conflict), it ends up being a totally different type of story and surprisingly entertaining and unpretentious considering it was adapted from a video game. After all, anime adapted from video games tend to, on average, to be less than stellar.

First and foremost, it is the characters that primarily make this show such an enjoyable romp. James, and later on his children (they are both in their twenties), aren't laconic action heroes..."

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Noted characters and mechanics


James Links

Rebecca Hunter


Orbital Frame Isis (w/Dolores AI)

Orbital Frame Selkis
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