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Zone of the Enders (TBA)
ZOE: The 2nd Runner (TBA)

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With no details on the next Zone of the Enders title, fans can speculate what the main protagonist's Orbital Frame would be like.

Would Jehuty be returning, or an all new model? Would a new discovery make even Orbital Frame technology obsolete?

[Speculate in the forum]

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After already a decade since ZOE2, no one really has an answer.

Welcome to the "Zone of the Enders 3" area of ZOE:TUS. Please visit the updates section for any new developments regarding the current status of ZOE3.

After the incredible ANUBIS, many fans of the series immediately began speculating on what the next high speed robot action experience would be like, particularly on next-gen platforms.
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Since the establishment of Kojima Productions, word on Zone of the Enders as a series seems to have diminished quite a bit. Many fans feel the team's last ZOE work was a success, and, hopefully, ZOE2 mechanical designer Yoji Shinkawa, director Shuyo Murata, and sound programmers Toshiyuki Kakuta, Akihiro Honda, and several other Kojima Productions members who worked on the series will consider taking part in the development of the next Zone of the Enders title.

Although development has not yet started on the next installment (most likely due to the fact that the KP team has been busy with a multitude of other projects that seem to push the game back perpetually, the current one being Metal Gear Solid V which will probably be freaking incredible), it has been made evident that ZOE producer Hideo Kojima has shown interest in the idea of a new Zone of the Enders game and would even like to make another sequel in the future, if you can believe that.

To support that, he has also gone as far as promising a sequel to ZOE2 at some point in the future. However, because the team is very busy with the aforementioned projects, the production line at Kojima Productions is full, so no timeframe was given. In December 2011, Hideo Kojima stated that due to the limited amount of staff available on the Kojima Productions team, a Zone of the Enders 3 is still on hold.

However, in May 2012 just before E3, fans were thrilled with the announcement of the ENDERS Project, said to be the next ZOE title. While ENDERS Project may not have been a ZOE3 per se, it would have shed new light on the direction Kojima Productions was going with the ZOE franchise.

But with absolutely no word on ENDERS Project since then plus depressingly awful treatment (and sales) of ZOE HD, it was unsurprisingly scrapped only a year later. Probably for the forseeable future, and maybe even for the better.

Still, we encourage you to check back once in a blue moon, as ZOE:TUS will keep both the main page and the updates section fresh as soon as any new developments on ZOE3 are discovered. Also, we want to hear your thoughts, so please feel free to stop by the forums for discussion.

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