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Zone of the Enders (TBA)
ZOE: The 2nd Runner (TBA)

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With no details on the next Zone of the Enders title, fans can speculate what the main protagonist's Orbital Frame would be like.

Would Jehuty be returning, or an all new model? Would a new discovery make even Orbital Frame technology obsolete?

[Speculate in the forum]

Untitled Document ZOE3 Status: Not confirmed to be in development yet.
ZOE3 Information

December 2011 // ZOE3 on hold due to lack of staff at KP

Hideo Kojima has stated that, due to the limited amount of staff currently available on the Kojima Productions team, any possible new Zone of the Enders title is still on hold.

: Gaming Union | Transcript: Download here

October 2009 // Kojima promises a new ZOE title

While Hideo Kojima has been giving the same kind of responses (to do list, highly considering doing it) when asked about a possible ZOE3 for several years, this time he actually said he can promise a new game, possibly a sequel to ZOE2.

: andriasang | Transcript: Download here

April 2009 // Kojima acknowledges ZOE3 demand

Talks of ZOE3 have increased worldwide with the recent updates regarding future Zone of the Enders titles. In the latest Famitsu, Hideo Kojima acknowledges the demand for ZOE3 and offers his comments.

: 1UP | Transcript: Download here

April 2009 // KONAMI: "Tell us who wants ZOE3!"

Knowing that lots of MGS (and ZOE) fans listen to the MGS4 podcasts, the Kojima Productions team are asking for comments on a future ZOE title, but not just from fans -- they are interested in knowing how many casual gamers would also like to see ZOE3.

Link: ZOE3 News Post | Transcript: Download here

May 2008 // Kojima looking to outer space

Hideo Kojima, in an interview, considers Zone of the Enders 3 to be high on KP's priority list. Does this mean ZOE3 is likely to be the next major title after the release of MGS4?

Link: Scrawl | Transcript: Download here

May 2006 // Kojima and ZOE3

One of the first well known and documented blog entries by a former IGN staffer, where Hideo Kojima gets an inquiry regarding Zone of the Enders 3 while Guns of the Patriots was still in development.

Link: IGN | Transcript: Download here

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