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Feb 13, 2003 (Japan)
Mar 10, 2003 (America)
Sep 26, 2003 (Europe)
Jan 15, 2004 (Japan)

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PlayStation 3 (1-2P) (2012)
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Zone of the Enders (prequel)
ZOE: 2167 Idolo (anime prequel)
ZOE: Dolores,i (anime side story)

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Orbital Frame Ardjet

Orbital Frame Ardjet: Feminine in appearance and armed with the subweapon WISP and a destructive laser cannon, Ardjet is Ken Marinaris' mech of choice. Using Ardjet, Ken attempts to capture Jehuty...

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Untitled Document Special Edition

The "Special Edition" of The 2nd Runner was released in both Europe and Japan (as ANUBIS: Zone of the Enders Special Edition) after the US release of ZOE2.

This version of the game includes several minor game improvements and a few extras such as the "Beyond the Bounds 020203 Remix" music video, expanded EXTRA MISSIONS, and new FMV sequences in the main story mode.

There was never an original PlayStation 2 release of the Special Edition in North America, so ZOE fans outside of Europe and Japan had to import if they wanted to enjoy the bonus features it offered.

The 2012 HD Edition of ZOE2 featured the Special Edition, making it the first time it was officially released in North America. However, the "Beyond the Bounds 020203 Remix" music video was removed from all three regions of the HD Edition, and the "Super Hard" difficulty remains exclusive to the Japanese HD Edition.

Listed below are extra features noticed in the Special Edition:

New difficulties Super Hard (Japan version) and Extreme

A new opening music video featuring the "Beyond the Bounds" theme "020203 mix" (available in our file archive)

A couple of new 3DCG cutscenes (such as enemy Orbital Frame NARITA and Leopardo groups making entrances)

In EXTRA MISSIONS, new modes allowing the player to re-visit certain battles occuring in the story mode (such as taking on the five BAHRAM ships or saving Ardjet) have been added

Added battle sequences at certain parts of the game (one while escaping from Deimos Station featuring a battle arena, one before the Vic Viper boss battle, more rooms in the fortress of Inhert, descending Aumaan, etc.)

Mechs in VS. mode now consume subenergy from the "Burst Gauge" when using special attacks such as Jehuty's homing lasers

Graphical and framerate enhancements

Added subweapon practice simulations and explanations in VR Training mode

New boxart design (JPN and EU covers below, respectively)

ANUBIS Special Edition (scans from Special Edition (PAL)
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