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Year Run:
Apr 7 2001 to
Sep 29 2001

DVD (TV series)

ZOE: 2167 Idolo (anime prequel)
Zone of the Enders (game side story)
ZOE: The 2nd Runner (game side story)

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Orbital Frame Dolores

Orbital Frame Isis: A mysterious Orbital Frame sent to James Lynx with an unusual aura surrounding it...

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Orbital Frame Hathor (Child)

Orbital Frame Hathor (Child)

Designed as sister-OF of Isis, its capability is on par with Isis, if not slightly more powerful. Used by neurotic Radium Lavans, this OF capable to use its Vector Trap as hiding shield, practically outphase the whole OF from 3-dimensional vicinity for short time, making its invicible, and strikes at unexpected place.

His ruthless, berserked style of fighting causing Lavans to gain upper hands at first during his battle with James, but later also became his undoing, since James, who still can calmly thinks, using the "vanishing" tricks to outwit him, using Dolores' Vector Trap.

Later, he sacrifice himself and his OF to help Dolores maintain the stability of Earth Orbital Elevator, after Dolores' (his lover) soul convince him, make him realize that Dolores is, in essence, their daughter, since Dolores A.I. is created from real Dolores personality.

His story is somehow similar with the origin of Hathor, Egyptian deities of love, derived from Sekhmet.

Orbital Frame Hathor's weapons include Dual Sword Arms, Arm Cannon, Homing Laser, Particle Cannon, Burst Attack, and a Raptor Control System.

Pronounced "Hay-Tor".

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