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Kotobukiya Jehuty Model
A little late, but we can't overlook this -- a beautiful model of Jehuty is being sold on Kotobukiya Craftsmanship, retailing at 5,040 yen. If your wallet wasn't already crying from the holiday season of 2011, it is now.

Additionally, from the looks of the Kotobukiya Direct site, it seems that if you purchase Jehuty directly from Kotobukiya (as opposed to any other site selling it), you also get this cool B2 size poster of Jehuty, which looks to be illustrated by Yoji Shinkawa himself.

Link - Jehuty @ Kotobukiya
Link - Jehuty poster with model @ Kotobukiya

Added by elektr1k on 01.09.2012

Zone of the Enders HD Edition / HD Collection
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