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First things first -- Zone of the Enders: The Unofficial Site and Metal Gear Solid 2: The Unofficial Site share an IRC channel, as we're part of the same network, so naturally, you will find both ZOE:TUS and MGS2:TUS users in the channel.

There are a number of IRC clients that can be used to connect to IRC -- e.mIRC is provided here specifically for MGS2:TUS and ZOE:TUS users.

As an alternative, you can connect to IRC through your browser, thanks to the Rizon IRC network. This does not require an IRC client to be downloaded, just type in a nickname, set the channel to #TUS, and join.


The ZOE:TUS/MGS2:TUS IRC channel is located on the Rizon IRC network. There are a few options you can choose from for connecting and joining the channel. If you don't have an IRC client, it is recommended that you review a list of IRC clients to choose from to see which best suits you. Alternatively, you can download e.mIRC, a Windows mIRC script geared towards users of MGS2:TUS and ZOE:TUS.

If you have a client installed, you can select "Direct Link" from below, which will open your client, connect you to the network, and join the channel.

If, for any reason, you cannot or do not wish to download a client, you can use Rizon's webchat client.

ZOE:TUS/MGS2:TUS IRC Channel (Direct Link | Webchat | Download e.mIRC)

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