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Zone of the Enders "HD NIGHT" Blowout!
Wooo, finally some new ZOE tidbits! You may have been hearing about the recent Japan-exclusive ZOE promotional event, "ZOE HD (Haidara) NIGHT", a small Kojima Productions conference featuring essentially everything you want to know about ZOE HD Edition and then some. That event was held last night, so let's look at some of the highlights and new information:

#1 ~ ZOE HD Release Date, SKUs, and Official ZOE HD Site

As previously reported, Zone of the Enders HD Edition will be hitting stores this fall. More specifically, the collection goes on sale in Japan on October 25th of this year.

Like the MGS HD Edition, the game will come in three SKUs for each the PS3 and Xbox 360 -- the regular version (3980 yen), the premium package (8980 yen) including a "ReBOOT Edition" soundtrack, a "Chronicle Book", and a "ReBOOT Book", and the KonamiStyle premium package (9980 yen) with all of that plus the HD remastered ZOE OVA, 2167 Idolo.

Blu-ray box sets of the 26-episode TV series ZOE Dolores,i and the 2167 Idolo OVA will go on sale on October 24th, for 26250 yen and 5040 yen, respectively.

An official site has been launched in preparation for the upcoming release of Zone of the Enders HD Edition.

#2 ~ Promotional Items

On sale at the HD NIGHT event were various ZOE goods such as an official ANUBIS tumbler, cell phone strap, protective cases for an iPhone 4 (a Jehuty version and an Anubis version), among other items. Online orders for some of the items begin June 1st.

#3 ~ The ENDERS Project

Kojima Productions has announced what appears to be an entirely new ZOE title using the FOX Engine, dubbed the ENDERS Project. Attendants of the HD Night event were treated to early concept art (both 2D Yoji Shinkawa art and 3D CG models) for the title as well as an amazing looking sculpture of Jehuty.

As NeoGAF reports:

- Enders Project is the next sequel in the Zone of the Enders series.

- Currently it is only a concept they are developing. Kojima says he is extremely busy with his own projects, so a new producer has been assigned to this project. Ryosuke Toriyama (Busou Shinki series) is the Konami producer who is tasked with Enders Project right now, and he is the creative producer.

- The other person working on developing the concept is Yoji Shinkawa, the mecha designer and illustrator for the series.

- So far they have designed the main Orbital Frame, and created a detailed concept scale model for it. The model design has also been converted into CG, and they have successfully rendered it on their internal Fox Engine.

- Nothing else has been decided at this time, but they are exploring all possible avenues to proceed with development of this project. Kojima says that they will be retaining the aspects which make ZoE what it is, including the anime taste mecha action, as well as story concepts like the Metatron. The difference this time is that they are going for a more fantasy style art design, instead of a futuristic one.

ZOE:TUS will keep you updated on any new developments.

Also, check out the 17 new official ZOE HD screenshots in the gallery!!

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Added by elektr1k on 05.26.2012

Zone of the Enders HD Edition / HD Collection
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