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Mar 1, 2001 (Japan)
Sep 24, 2002 (America)
Jul 28, 2003 (Europe)

DVD (Movie)

Zone of the Enders (game sequel)
ZOE: The 2nd Runner (game sequel)
ZOE: Dolores,i (anime sequel)

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Orbital Frame Idolo

Orbital Frame Idolo: An Orbital Frame exclusive to the Zone of the Enders anime, said to be the first Orbital Frame ever created. With this new technology utilizing metatron ore, LEVs have become obsolete...

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“This incredible power!”

AD 2167. Mars. Tensions between inhabitants of Mars and Earth are rising. Radium Lavans, for one, is sick of being put down by “earthies” in his native land of Mars. Due to the lower gravitational forces on Mars, Martians possess lower physical strength than the people of earth and are therefore seen as inferior.

Radium and his friend, Viola Guines are transferred to take part in the testing of a new type of weapon aimed at returning independence to Mars. The new weapon itself takes the form of a prototype Orbital Frame codenamed, “Idolo”. Harnessing the power of Metatron Ore, Idolo is an extremely powerful combat mech which renders the UNSF combat LEVs obsolete.

During a test run of the frame, runner Radium is nearly killed by the sheer power outputs of the Metatron used by Idolo. Despite this, he has several more test flights and soon gets to grips with the frame. Testing is limited to one, one hour session each day, precisely calculated to when the location of the testing centre is outside the UNSF surveillance satellite’s range.

UNSF spies are deployed and details of Orbital Frame development are leaked from an insider at BAHRAM. An infiltration team gains access to the testing centre and aims to seize Idolo, taking several hostages with them. After the hijacking of Idolo, the runner inside is unable to control the frame and crashes it. Radium approaches the frame and opens the cockpit to find the runner dead. Boarding the frame himself, Radium sets off to rescue the hostages, including his lover Dolores Hayes.

As a precaution against the UNSF obtaining the Orbital Frame technology after Radium takes Idolo on an unauthorized deployment, BAHRAM forces are ordered to destroy the frame.

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