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Mar 1, 2001 (Japan)
Sep 24, 2002 (America)
Jul 28, 2003 (Europe)

DVD (Movie)

Zone of the Enders (game sequel)
ZOE: The 2nd Runner (game sequel)
ZOE: Dolores,i (anime sequel)

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Orbital Frame Idolo

Orbital Frame Idolo: An Orbital Frame exclusive to the Zone of the Enders anime, said to be the first Orbital Frame ever created. With this new technology utilizing metatron ore, LEVs have become obsolete...

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Orbital Frame Idolo

Orbital Frame Idolo

Orbital Frame Idolo is a BAHRAM test subject into a new type of weapon to regain the independence of Mars. Utilizing the newly discovered Metatron Ore in its main body, power train and main systems, Idolo is an extremely powerful combat mech.

Idolo is armed with a shield, arm cannon, blade, homing lasers and dual energy cannons as well as possessing powerful burst attacks and the ability to utilize grab attacks. Idolo is also armed with the HALBERD subweapon.

The runner of this frame is Radium Lavans. Radium is transferred to be the runner of the frame in its testing phase. After a first run in the frame, Radium is nearly killed by the vast energy outputs created by its Metatron. Idolo is ultimately destroyed by BAHRAM after Radium uses the frame to rescue his lover, Dolores Hayes, from UNSF spies that infiltrated the testing centre in an attempt to seize the frame. The destruction of the frame causes the death of Radium Lavans.

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