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Zone of the Enders HD Opening Movie Trailer
  Animated by Sunrise, this is the full opening movie for the Zone of the Enders HD Edition, essentially serving as a trailer shown just before E3 2012.
(720p HD) (480p)
ANUBIS: Zone of the Enders / The 2nd Runner E3 2002
  This 5 minute trailer, shown at E3 2002, is the first ZOE2 trailer shown to public audiences. In this demonstration, early game elements are shown that were changed in the final game.
(ASF) (MP4)
ANUBIS: Zone of the Enders / The 2nd Runner TGS 2002 (NEW!)
  The second and final trailer for ZOE2 disclosed much more of the plot, showed new characters and Orbital Frames, and highlighted many of the more important scenes in the game.
(English, HD)
(Japan, HD)

Kojima team asks players about ZOE3 [Download text file]
Zone of the Enders timeline [Download text file]

Orbital Frame Jehuty [Official ZOE2 artwork]
Dingo Egret [Official ZOE2 artwork #1]
Ken Marinaris [Official ZOE2 artwork #1]

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