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Pre-E3 2012 ZOE HD Hideo Kojima Interview
  A brief interview with ZOE HD producer Hideo Kojima a few days before E3 2012.
(1080p HD) (720p HD)
"Beyond the Bounds" AMV
  Originally an extra in the "Special Edition" Japanese and European releases of ZOE2, this music video features a remixed version of the main theme "Beyond the Bounds" and footage of game extras.
(DivX, HR) (WMV, HR)
"Kiss Me Sunlights" Opening Movie
  The opening movie to the first Zone of the Enders game features the main theme "KISS ME SUNLIGHTS" by composer Masumi Ito.
(DivX, HR)
ANUBIS: Zone of the Enders TV Spot
  The ZOE2 commercial shown on TV in Japan.
(15 sec WMV)
(30 sec WMV)

(1 min WMV)

Kojima team asks players about ZOE3 [Download text file]
Zone of the Enders timeline [Download text file]

Orbital Frame Jehuty [Official ZOE2 artwork]
Dingo Egret [Official ZOE2 artwork #1]
Ken Marinaris [Official ZOE2 artwork #1]

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