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Year Run:
Apr 7 2001 to
Sep 29 2001

DVD (TV series)

ZOE: 2167 Idolo (anime prequel)
Zone of the Enders (game side story)
ZOE: The 2nd Runner (game side story)

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Orbital Frame Dolores

Orbital Frame Isis: A mysterious Orbital Frame sent to James Lynx with an unusual aura surrounding it...

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Orbital Frame Mummyhead

Orbital Frame Mummyhead

The Mummyhead is a variant of BAHRAM's mass-produced Raptor. These heavy support Orbital Frames, with their shields, stay close behind the various shorter range Orbital Frames and send a hail of fire from a distance.

They appear as Raptors carrying a large shield with extra weapon attachments. If Jehuty's attack is powerful enough, the entire Mummyhead can be destroyed. If Jehuty does not inflict enough damage to destroy it, only its shield will be destroyed and a Raptor will still be operational.

Mummyheads will never approach Jehuty while solo -- they will have the support of other Orbital Frames. A common strategy for defeating Mummyheads is to close the distance fairly quickly, while dodging its attacks, and use an enemy as a shield.

The armaments on a Mummyhead include two HALBERD-type weapons which send a very powerful energy beam at its enemy, as well as mounted PHALANX cannons.

In Dolores,i, a Mummyhead is run by The Yans.

Danger: Level of danger to JehutyLevel of danger to JehutyLevel of danger to Jehuty


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