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ZOE3 in KP Ustream Poll
"Zone of the Enders 3" makes an appearance as an option in a quick poll started by Ken Imaizumi during a Ustream session. While it's no surprise Mr. Imaizumi has been broadcasting live streaming sessions to Kojima fans during the Peace Walker tour for E3, this is the first time a poll has been hosted during the broadcast. The question was "What new game would you like to see from Kojima Productions?"

Well, according to the poll, it looks like ZOE3 is up there in 2nd place. The options were "ZOE3", "MGS5", "Policenauts/Snatcher/other franchise", and "something totally new (new IP)".
Could this mean anything at all? We don't know. It could have just been for fun, maybe they're teasing us as usual. Perhaps it will further invoke discussion within the team. Either way, we expect something impressive at TGS.

Link - KP's Ken Imaizumi @ Ustream

Added by elektr1k on 06.19.2010

Zone of the Enders HD Edition / HD Collection
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