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Preview of ZOE:TUS v1.0!
First, Happy New Year 2008, everyone! ZOE:TUS has been dormant for over a year with just about zero updates on the site's progress. Many events have occured in life recently, and the site was put on the back burner for a long while.

To start the new year, and to show everyone some of the progress of the site, a few new pages of the site have been opened (including the game and anime pages, most importantly). Though the site is still under heavy construction and many areas aren't able to be accessed yet, we hope you'll enjoy this preview of ZOE:TUS v1.0.

Here's what we've thrown together for the preview:


* The ZOE anime/game series page has been opened.
* The ZOE1 area has been opened.
* The ZOE2 area has been opened.
* The ZOE2's MECHANICS area has been opened.
* The ZOE: Dolores,i area has been opened.
* The ZOE: 2173 Testament area has been opened.
* The ZOE: 2167 Idolo area has been opened.
* A ZOE3 area for news/information on ZOE3 has been opened.
* The file archive has been added.
* The sitemap page has been added.
* The about page has been updated.
* The IRC page has been updated.
* All "extras" pages have been opened.
* All "reviews" pages have been opened.


* New ZOE: Dolores,i screenshots have been added.
* The file archive's video section has been updated with ZOE2 media.
* The file archive's avatar section has been updated.
* Some PSP wallpapers have been added.

Also, as a site feature, a translation of an interview from the Japanese ZOE2 premium package with Hideo Kojima has been uploaded, translated by staff member Osiris (Marc Laidlaw).

Site updates will continue occasionally over the months, with new content being added to the ZOE series pages, so check back once in a while.

Here's to the start of a new year! Enjoy, everyone.

Added by elektr1k on 01.01.2008

Zone of the Enders HD Edition / HD Collection
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