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New ZOE3 info to be revealed!
The cover of the latest issue of PSM3 -- "The PlayStation 3 Magazine" -- has drawn some recent questions regarding word of a possible third installment in the Zone of the Enders franchise. The text "ZOE3" along with "Gran Turismo HD" and "MGS4" are visible on the cover.

While nothing is confirmed yet, this may be our star of hope for another title in the amazing mecha game series.

ZOE:TUS will be updated as soon as more information is available.

UPDATE: The article reads:

"News just in, ZOE is back on PS3. Hideo Kojima's mad anime robot beat-'em-up has been laying low since The 2nd Runner appeared on PS2 in 2003, but Jehuty and co are back bigstyle. Koj will spill all next issue but for now we predict online mech battles on a massive scale, more mind-bending visuals and a plot so hard to comprehend and rife with twists, it makes Lost look like Eastenders."

Below the article includes additional information -- apparently the game will be developed by "Kojima Studios" and published by Konami with an ETA set for 2007.

An interview with Kojima is said to appear in the next issue of PSM3. Things are finally looking up, so let's hope for the best!

Link - PSM Issue #80 Cover Thread
Link - ZOE3 Article Photo

Thanks to SolidSnake1MGS for the photo!

Added by elektr1k on 09.28.2006

Zone of the Enders HD Edition / HD Collection
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