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Kojima Acknowledges Demand for ZOE3
Talks of ZOE3 have increased worldwide with the recent updates regarding future Zone of the Enders titles. In the latest Famitsu, Hideo Kojima acknowedgles the demand for ZOE3 and offers his comments.

Kojima: "ZOE is a title that has an extremely large fanbase requesting a sequel. That holds especially true for The 2nd Runner, the sequel. That game was praised all over the world, and we still get a lot of intensely devoted adulation for that game."

Kojima: "After Metal Gear Solid, it's the Kojima Production title that has the largest and most dedicated fanbase. We're always fantasizing about how we'd make an advanced new version of ZOE: The 2nd Runner with all the cutting-edge tech we have now if we ever had the opportunity."

Kojima: "But there is a mountain of things that have to take priority over that, and we just haven't been able to make it a reality yet. I'm positive in my heart, though, that I'll be able to bring a sequel to all the fans someday."

LINK: Story at 1UP

Added by elektr1k on 04.22.2009

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