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MGO ZOE1 & ZOE2 Music!
ZOE1 and ZOE2 music featured in the new METAL GEAR ONLINE "MEME" expansion pack.

The "MEME" expansion pack for METAL GEAR ONLINE, released today, includes new features to MGO such as maps "Forest Firefight", "Silo Sunset", "Winter Warehouse", as well as Liquid Ocelot and Mei Ling from MGS4.

In addition, the expansion includes the "Factory" music from ZONE OF THE ENDERS and "BAHRAM Battleship" (one of my favorites! yay!) from ANUBIS: ZONE OF THE ENDERS. Also included are tracks from the original MGS3:SUBSISTENCE MGO, METAL GEAR AC!D and METAL GEAR AC!D 2.

View the official METAL GEAR ONLINE site here:

Added by elektr1k on 11.25.2008

Zone of the Enders HD Edition / HD Collection
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