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"Zone of the Enders 3" makes an appearance as an option in a quick poll started by Ken Imaizumi during a Ustream session.
Added 06.19.2010 [View story]
ZOE2, among other KONAMI games, get reprinted for Europe.
Added 08.10.2009 [View story]
ZOE:TUS forum member "Qwerty" contributes a number of high resolution ZOE1 and ZOE2 screenshots.
Added 06.05.2009 [View story]
In the latest Famitsu, Hideo Kojima acknowledges the demand for ZOE3 and offers his comments.
Added 04.22.2009 [View story]
MGS4 Integral Podcast hosts Ken Imaizumi, Aki Saito, and Sean Eyestone ask all gamers to make their voices heard if they want ZOE3.
Added 04.17.2009 [View story]

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Zone of the Enders HD Edition / HD Collection
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